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Mark Calicchia

Mark Calicchia
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

I am a native of the Capital Region and have a love for this area. I graduated from
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, (RPI), with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. Growing up, I developed a fascination in real estate through the properties that my parents owned in Albany. Much of my childhood was spent renovating, upkeeping, and showing apartments to tenants. The more I did, the more my interests in real estate grew, as did my passion for the industry. While shopping for my own properties, I found that a good guide was the most important part of the process. The right agent can elevate and enhance your experience, while the wrong agent can completely ruin it. I know this firsthand because I lived it. In addition to targeting properties, negotiating and guiding you through to your closing, the right agent can greatly increase your confidence, comfortability, and outlook during the process. A “bad” agent can make you feel unprepared, desperate, and lost. Recognizing the importance of this, I saw myself being able to help clients, just like my agent did for me, and this was a determining factor in my decision to become licensed. I aspire to be an agent that keeps clients confident, calm, and composed during what will likely be the largest transaction of their lives.

Starting my real estate career, I was lucky to have my own personal agent at Kellie Kieley Realty mentor me. The team at KKR offers the services I feel are paramount for my clients to have the best experience through their journey of a successful transaction. I am proud
to be a part of the team alongside all the wonderful agents at KKR and look forward to helping with your real estate needs

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