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Why Should Buyers Use a Boutique Real Estate Firm

Inventory and interest rates are low which means that competition for homes in hot areas is high. The right house might be listed on a Thursday morning and sold before the weekend. Because our agency is streamlined and specialized we can dedicate time at a weekly meeting to share local news and gossip with regard to potential upcoming listings. We also have the time to learn more about what one another’s buyers might be looking for. Although we are independent contractors our working relationships with one another are strong and it is a joy to share or receive information that might help a client of the firm. We know that helping each other exceed our clients’ expectations makes all of us look good. When you stop by the office my colleagues will go out of their way to help you find me or get the information you need in a way a larger firm could never duplicate. In all we are uniquely equipped to help you find the house that is just right for you and navigate the process of making it your own!

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