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Why Should Sellers Use a Boutique Firm

Today’s real estate consumer has the opportunity to review homes for sale, mortgage rates, and more without ever interacting with a salesperson. The average buyer will likely view your home online many times before gathering the conviction to pick up the phone. This puts added pressure on your listing to stand out and pique their interest. A boutique firm does not subscribe to one-size-fits all advertising – we fit the marketing to the home and seek out your buyer creatively and strategically. We will craft your listing with care, using deliberate descriptions and plentiful, well-composed photographs. We will paint a picture of the lifestyle your home will offer them to make your home appeal to relocating buyers who are unfamiliar with the area. When your buyer finally decides to make that phone call– who will answer? If you use a larger firm, do you trust that phone call to end up in the right hands? Will the person who picks up the phone be familiar with your home’s best features, or will they recite back the online description your buyer has already seen? Will your buyer trust that the person on the other end of the line has their best interests in mind? In our boutique firm, the friendly and encouraging voice on the other end of that call will belong to one of a small group of dedicated professionals. When we pick up the phone, you can be assured that our local realtors will each have personally toured your home and have expert knowledge about the surrounding community in order to add to your buyer’s knowledge of and interest in your property!

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