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Melissa Schafer

As a little girl I always had a passion for design. One of my favorite activities was constantly moving my room around and as time went on that passion never dissipated. I began to design my own homes on my modest teacher budget. I learned how and where to find the pieces I needed (yes, sometimes on the side of the road). I always see the possibilities of beauty in most every space.

I am a true believer, that, your home, being one of the biggest purchases of your life should make everyone feel like they want to sit and put their feet up at the end of a long day. They should be able to look around and be proud of the space they worked so hard for .It should reflect each individual’s style and personality. I am fueled by finding the specific details that make that possible for all who purchase a home. Getting to know my client’s needs based on their priorities. I have discovered through experience that most everyone can define their own specific style. I am here to help their home be a reflection of that at whatever pace my client would like.

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